Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bunny in my Driveway

This bunny and a friend were in my driveway one morning nibbling a breakfast of clover and weeds.  Imagine my delight when they stayed long enough for me to get pictures. From one of  those pictures I fashioned a cookie cutter using a strip of one inch aluminum specially made for this purpose.

 After tracing the bunny's silhouette and marking the shape and position of his eye, I cut around the outline to make my pattern.  I went to work bending and forming the aluminum to create the shape of the bunny for my cookie cutter.  Once it was finished, it got a warm wash in sudsy water then rinsed in clear water and dried. 

The cookie recipe I chose to make was the one  Sugar Belle has on her blog.  While I was there I decided to use her icing recipe too.  BTW, thank you Sugar Belle for the treasure of information you post along with the great recipes you share.  I hope someday to be as good at this art as you are.


Dough rolled out, cookies cut and baked, time to frost.  I didn't get too fancy or detailed because my hands are still rather clumsy with a decorator bag.

After flooding the cutouts with brown royal icing, I made the eyes.  I placed a piece of waxed paper over my paper cut out and piped the black icing over the eye outline.  Next time I'll need to do this in advance so they have time to dry nicely.  This time I cheated a little and put them in the dehydrator. 

I mixed a small amount of pink icing with the brown and filled the inner ear using a toothpick.  Also dabbed his nose on like that.

I placed the dry eye in the still slightly wet icing. 

There you have it...my first cookie sentiment...Bunny in the Driveway.  I have learned the joy of making my own cookie cutter. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

In the beginning...

I'm new to this, but I'm ready.  It's time to embark on an adventure.  I have seen what others can do and they have inspired me.  Now my quest is to see what I can create.  This is where the adventure begins.